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Bald eagle is the largest of prey flew as the size of this very large eagle. Bald eagle living in the three continents where there is almost on the African continent, a continent Europe and Asia. Bald eagle is characterized by a very large and powerful wings that help him to fly very large distances. This eagle can fly very long distances and at high altitude.

Bald eagle months types of Bald Eagle

HD Free Wallpaper] and vultures one of the most beautiful in terms of appearance, where the head and neck painted skin and the rest of his body black. Known for the presence of this continent eagle in South America, especially in Mexico. Always accompanied by photos of this eagle pictures of USA flag. The color of the legs and beak always be in yellow.
This Bald Eagle HD Desktop Wallpapers is known for his ability on the high fishing where can catch fish in the sea with skill and great speed. Bald eagle called by that name because his hair is white and this is what sets it apart from other eagles. Bald eagle tail is white, also add to the head and neck.
Near the sea more places where there are bald eagle is the forest where it can best fishing place in it. Bald Bald Eagle HD Desktop Wallpapers feeds on dead birds and marine animals and fish in the sea. This is a bald eagle and one of the endangered animals due to lack of existence.

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